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Windows XP/Vista/7 Software
This page contains Internet-related software utilities created by CompanyWeb's parent and sister companies, as well as outside vendor products we can recommend as a good investment for your company. We only endorse products we use ourselves.

Disclaimer: An outside vendor recommendation sometimes results in a commission for our organization.

Examples of Internet utility software include Windows desktop programs used to create and manage websites, desktop Internet tools to retrieve data from third-party sites, special-purpose utilities that interpret or analyze data exported from Internet marketing software products, and scripts, plugins and data-management applications that are resident on users' web servers.

If a product on this page does not have a trial download link, please contact our staff at for trial or purchase information. These products have all been tested and determined to be clean and free of viruses; however, we insist that you scan any downloaded file(s) with your own antivirus software before installing.

Auction Cron Desktop
This is a Windows system tray application developed by our parent organization Applied Analytic Systems.

This utility is for buyers on ebay and other auction sites, which, simply stated, helps buyers track newly-added auctions. This IS NOT a sniping program. A detailed description of Auction Cron will be posted on this page as soon as all of the beta participants have had the opportunity to submit their descriptions, questions and feedback. Meanwhile, if you would like to try the software, you can download the trial and see if it matches your usage of ebay.

If you are not a (fairly regular) ebay buyer, this will most likely be of no use to you, although many ebay sellers will have interest in this product as well.

Niche Keyword Converter
This is a Windows desktop program from Applied Analytic Systems that enables its user to convert exported keyword research data from the format of his/her keyword research software to a standardized format (generally, the format exported by the Google Adwords External Tool). This allows the converted data subsequently to be imported into other keyword research tools for further analysis, if desired.

The main value in this process is that the primary research tools typically have extraordinary filtering capabilities which allow the user to process the data in a variety of ways before exporting only those keyword groups matching their very specific criteria.

The keyword research programs that are currently supported by Niche Keyword Converter are Micro Niche Finder, Market Samurai, and Keyword Research Pro. We regularly use this software, for example, to export comptetitive, highly-filtered/high-volume broad-match, exact-match, and phrase-match keywords from Micro Niche Finder for further evaluation by the MoneyWord Matrix methodology in Keyword Advantage. The Keyword Advantage tool needs to have data imported from standard format csv files.

MTop Web Button Menu Maker
The Button and Menu Maker package can enable web developers to build premium XP, Macintosh, glassy, silvery and vibrant web buttons and DHTML pop-up navigation menus in a short period of usage.

The MTop Web Button Menu Maker includes plenty of pre-built button layouts. A person can conveniently generate button pictures with standard, mouse over and pressed states, create side to side and top to bottom navigation blocks, add DHTML pop-up menu to the buttons while not producing a single line of code.

Through the internal export wizard, users can download their site buttons in a number of different formats (GIF, BMP, JPG). The navigation code can be saved to an external file to be uploaded at a later time, or the code can be loaded immediately into a preexisting browser-enabled source file (HTML, php, cfm).

This software is developed by MTopSoftware. We use it to create buttons and menus for several of our websites.


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